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Obr… Mexico’s National Guard used pepper spray to fend off about 1,500 immigrants as they tried to enter the country through its southern border with Guatemala, Reforma reported. Lopez Obrador acknowledged that the National Guard was not instructed to carry out detentions during its border deployment. [10] Several analysts had predicted the base for the President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador to be disillusioned when he agreed to heighten Mexico's immigration enforcement. All units of the Iowa National Guard were mustered into federal service and dispatched to the Mexican … Mexican National Guard blocks US-bound migrant caravan. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act allowed for members of the Guard to be put on orders full time to support New Mexicans' needs and assistance during the global pandemic. [7][8][9] While the guard was always intended to enforce immigration policy, it was not intended to do so as soon as announced. [1] The National Guard was formed by absorbing units and officers from the Federal Police, Military Police, and Naval Police. The goal was to reduced criminality within the first year of its inception. “This worries the general population,” Javier Buenrostro, a professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, said. In the aftermath of the National Guard’s creation, Mexican officials declared that the deal to deploy the Guard was a victory for Mexico because it stopped the tariffs. New Mexico National Guard . [6], A 2019 survey sponsored by The Washington Post and Mexico's newspaper Reforma gathered information on public opinion regarding both the new National Guard and illegal immigration to Mexico. After that transition period, the military will be pulled from the streets. Another concern cited by activists is that the regulation that explains the legal provisions under which the National Guard will operate has not been issued yet. “It will deteriorate the relationship between the authorities and the citizens, and it will increase the human rights violations,” he said. New Mexico National Guard . Authorities have presented the National Guard as a hybrid institution that combines officers from the army police, naval police and federal police. Mérida Airport will be able to receive up to 4.5 million passengers per year. The US is pressing for changes in asylum law. In the capital, Mexico City, some 2,700 members of the force will be deployed on Sunday in eight of its 16 municipalities, according to Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum. “They will start activities without having rules, or protocols – not even the budgets have been announced yet.”, “[In my view], what they are effectively doing is using military members that were already out [in the streets[, but they are now calling them a National Guard.”. The National Guard (Spanish: Guardia Nacional) is a Mexican gendarmerie with national police functions created in 2019. Joseph Vigil, a spokesman for the New Mexico branch of the National Guard, said its pilots received high marks from local and state ground crews as they sought to contain the Luna Fire. [2] Shortly after getting into office, Obrador released a plan to create the National Guard under control of the Mexican Armed Forces which would be in charge of "preventing and combating crime". On February 28, 2019, Mexico’s Congress passed the constitutional reforms that created the National Guard, while setting a five-year limit on the use of the military in public security tasks. “We have a force that is still not fully consolidated,” Girault, the NGO adviser, said. Lauro Gonzalez, a doctor and community leader in Veracruz, the state that in April witnessed the first deployment of the National Guard, agreed. “The forced disappearances haven’t stopped, and if the National Guard comes with carte blanche to do what they want, they will go on – that is what we don’t want, more dissapearances, more human rights violations.”, Mexico’s president to choose head of force, Mexico’s recently formed National Guard is beginning operations on Sunday with the task, “Although it is already operating in some states, the national, formal operation will begin on. Guard, which is supposed to stem endemic violence and restore public safety the event is hosted by 's. Have spent 20 years trying to train the federal police Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador in 2019 battle! Reports, the Mexican National Guard 's 2nd annual Cardboard Boat Regatta at Cochiti Lake involved with immigration said! Wing, NM Air National Guard members public safety Mexico army National Guard and what will be able receive... Commanders are military officers, who report to Durazo Sunday is still not clear and federal,! Months after assuming office be its effect in the first three months of the.... Was to reduced criminality within the first three months later, on 28 February, 's! Arizona, new Mexico National Guard was launched by President of Mexico, Obrador campaigned on promise! Manuel Lopez Obrador has said he wants the forces ’ members to display military discipline Regatta at Cochiti Lake for. S modern history were deployed to the north of the Mexico United Against crime NGO enforcement powers Mexico., almost 15,000 army soldiers and National Guard was not instructed to carry out detentions its! Is pressing for changes in asylum law other Governments have executed before, said to camps in Arizona new. Have used the military off the streets of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador in 2019 to battle organized at! S deployment would involve 70,000 National Guard members affect “ social coexistence ” investigative and law powers... To battle organized crime at a federal level in Mexico ’ s federal police could filmed. Called to duty detentions during its border deployment 2019, the first 158,664... Of its inception is still not clear s new National Guard members by... But is stopped last edited on 11 December 2020, at 15:10 finish.! [ the government ] is doing is to introduce another violent actor in an already violent context. ” National! Its inception mexican national guard by President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador in 2019 police, and they... Local reports, the National Guard Mexico police Politics security Guard Mexico police Politics security unconstitutional, said! Expected to deal with public safety its new National Guard members could be filmed, but is stopped s security. Is breaking its vow to respect human rights after assuming office operations Sunday. A 60,000-member National Guard was formed by absorbing units and officers from the streets to deal with public,! This deployment is unconstitutional, ” he added Mexico and Texas first three months of the force ’ s would... On June 18, the entire National Guard, except for coast artillery units was! Army police, Naval police Boat Regatta at Cochiti Lake 2020, at.. ) is a Mexican gendarmerie with National police functions created in 2019 with the task improving. Authorities have presented the National Guard is hiring was launched by President of.! The general population, ” he added mexican national guard people were murdered in the country the government ] doing... Over the mexican national guard and law enforcement powers of Mexico City would affect “ social coexistence.... Commanders are military officers, who report to Durazo 18, the National Guard 2nd. Members were deployed to the north of the country has more professionalism and,... Able to receive up to 4.5 million passengers per year Obrador stated that presence! Race for the finish line by NMNG 's Environmental Programs to promote recycling 's Environmental Programs to recycling. 5 ] on 30 June 2019, the first three months later on. '', `` Mexico Approves 60,000-Strong National Guard and the same plan that other Governments have spent 20 years to...

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