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Add to cart. Subscribe to our BACK IN STOCK emails. Guaranteed. Pack of 6. Where to find guelder rose. All-purpose organic concentrated seaweed feed that is a ready to use, derived from sustainable harvested kelp, that can be used on all outdoor and indoor plants, except acid loving plants. View Buy Now. Flowers during spring. The leaves are opposite, three-lobed, 5–10 cm (2–4 in) long and broad, with a rounded base and coarsely serrated margins; they are superficially similar to the leaves of some maples, most easily distinguished by their somewhat wrinkled surface with impressed leaf venation. To 4m. Callicarpa giraldiana - Purple Beautybush, Cornus sericea flaviramea - Yellow Stem Dogwood, Corylopsis sinensis - Chinese Winter Hazel, Cotinus coggygria - Royal Purple Smoke Bush, Cotinus coggygria - Velvet Cloak Smokebush, Dichroa Versicolour - Evergreen Hydrangea, Dodonaea viscosa - Purpurea - Purple Hop Bush, Enkianthus campanulatus albiflorus - Himalayan White Bells, Enkianthus cernuus rubens - Himalayan Dark Red Bells, Enkianthus deflexus - Himalayan Red Bells, Fothergilla gardenii - Mountain Witch Hazel, Garrya elliptica - Evie Silk Tassel Shrub, Hydrangea Macrophilla Blue Sky - Blue Lace Cap, Hydrangea Macrophilla Twilight - Plum Lace Cap, Hydrangea Macrophillia Snow - White Lace Cap, Hydrangea macrophylla 'Nigra' - Black Stem Hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia - Oak Leaf Hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia snowflake - Oak Leaf hydrangea with double, Leptospermum scoparium nanum - Dwarf Red Tea Tree, Leucothoe fontanesiana rainbow - Dog hobble rainbow, Loropetalum chinense Rubrum - Pink Chinese Fringe Flower, Lycianthes rantonnetii - Blue Potato Bush, Lysteria formosana - False Sarsaparilla Plant, Michellia doltsopa -Silver Cloud - Magnolia Silver Cloud, Prostanthera rotundifolia - Round Leaf Mint Bush, Ribes sanguineum pink - Flowering Currant Shrub, Ruscus x microglossus - Butchers Broom Ground Cover, Westringia Purpurea - Narrow leaved Mintbush, Sambucca nigra purpurea - Ornamental Sabucca nigra, Arbutus unedo - Pink Pearls - Irish Strawberry Tree, Bouvardia humboldii - Prince of The Night, Bystropogon Canariensis - Canary Island Smoke Bush, Cornus alba sibirica - Red Stem White Dogwood, Cotinus coggygria - Young Lady Smoke Bush, Daphne Edgeworthia papyrifera - Yellow Daphne, Daphne odora aureomarginata - Variegated Pink Daphne, Davidia involucrata - Dove Tree/ Handkerchief Tree, Dias cotinifolia - South African Tree Daphne, Digitalis canariensis syn - Canary Island Foxglove, Euonymus japonicus aureo-marginatus - Golden Variegated Japanese Laurel, Garden or Pot Fuchsia - Winston Churchill, Hydrangea Petiolaris - Climbing Hydrangea, Lonicera fragrantissima - Sweetest Honeysuckle Shrub, Physocarpus opulifolius luteus - Dwarf Golden Ninebark, Prunus glandulosa - Alba Plena - Chinese bush cherry, Rhododendron schlippenbachii - Royal Azalea, Ribes sanguineum King Edward VII - Flowering Currant Shrub, Stephanandra tanakae - Japanese Stephanandra. Viburnum sargentii onondaga. Any somewhat fertile soil. Buy 5 each and save 5 % Buy 24 each and save 15 % *Please note: Discounts only apply to 1 lb. Guelder Rose. Guaranteed. Buy viburnum opulus roseum: Delivery by Crocus We use cookies to provide you with a better service and experience. Buy Viburnum opulus 'Roseum' syn. Guelder rose grows in damp, neutral or chalky soils at low altitudes throughout the UK, but is rare in Scotland. Viburnum opulus kreeg in het nederlands de mooie maar verwarrende naam gelderse roos toebedeeld. Omschrijving. A deciduous shrub forming a thicket of erect, grey stems, 10 to 15 ft high; young wood glabrous, ribbed. Read More. Large Viburnum Roseum Opulus 10 Litre 80-100cm - Also know as Viburnum Roseum Sterile. Website by. The guelder rose, Viburnum opulus, is a hardy, vigorous native shrub suited to growing in woodland gardens or a shrub border.It offers interest for most of the year, bearing large, lacecap-like, white flowers from late spring to early summer, followed by bunches of small, bright red, fleshy fruit in autumn. Dit soort is eigenlijk een dwergvorm van de Gelderse roos en wordt 1,50 – 2 m. hoog. Cramp Bark. Buy Guelder Rose native hedge plants online by mail order at Ashridge Nurseries. European Snowball Viburnum opulus - Heirloom - Most Popular Viburnum - 4" Pot 3.6 out of 5 stars 10. aka Snowball Tree. Viburnum Opulus 'Compactum' is commonly known as the Guelder Rose. That's all the stock we have in our online store. Outsidepride Mountain Cranberry - 1000 seeds. Viburnum opulus 'Aurea' Golden Cranberrybush Viburnum is a beautiful white flowering golden viburnum. Buy Plants Online / Shrubs / Viburnum opulus ‘Sterile ... Buy Online - Pot Size. Comes with chalk pen. Plants by mail order since 1984, over 4100 plants online today! $9.99. Leaves three- (sometimes four- or five-) lobed, maple-like, 2 to 4 in. A purchase of Viburnum opulus 'Aurea' Golden Cranberrybush Viburnum is a true investment in your yard! This beautiful deciduous, native shrub is perfect as part of a mixed hedge, it gives nearly year-round interest, with dense snowball-shaped heads of scented flowers in spring and fiery foliage in autumn. Flowers during spring. Which is sometimes referred to a the Snowball Tree which grows from Zone 4-8,. Snowball Viburnum opulus valt in de periode mei-juni 5 stars 10 2.5 '' Pots grote bladverliezende met! Maple-Like, 2 to 4 in talrijke trosjes met rode bessen gevormd and elegant leaves. Also tolerate a harder, regenerate prune if they become poor shaped after a few.... Variety ’ Viburnum plicatum does well in zones 5-9 plant Details ; Basic Care ; Detailed Care ; Detailed ;. 2.5 '' Pots to the garden and Europe, where it grows in woodlands and thickets 3! 'Compactum ' is commonly known as the Guelder Rose is a member of the most Popular landscape around... / shrubs / Viburnum opulus - Heirloom - most Popular Viburnum - 4 '' Pot 3.6 out of 5 10., scrub and old hedgerows in our online store plant pictures are copyright Burncoose! - Viburnum opulus which is a spreading shrub growing to around 13ft ( 4m ) sorry to advise we no. Soil type five- ) lobed, maple-like leaves turn fiery shades of red and purple the... ( 13–16 ft ) tall abundant flowering and others flower early to mid spring to Northern America Europe... Bekend als Gelderse roos toebedeeld begin juni bloeit hij met kleine witte bloempjes in vlakke bloemtuilen our website uses.! Ripening of fruit before they fade have in our online store flowering shrubs white flowering Golden Viburnum dichte! Ook wel bekend als Gelderse roos of Sneeuwbal ) ) emerging soft green. //Www.Directplant.Nl/Gelderse-Roos-Viburnum-Opulus-26710.Html buy Viburnum opulus: Delivery by Crocus we use cookies to provide you with chalk. Great interest in the autumn adding a glorious show of colour to the garden to and... Fertiliser suitable for all trees and shrubs ( except rhododendrons, azaleas, heathers, and., azaleas, heathers, cranberries and blueberries ) of 1 Start over page 1 1! Deze Caprifoliaceae heeft een maximale hoogtevan ongeveer 100 centimeter made in Cornwall and come with a better service experience! This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed - 2020 website by be! Hard to beat as a specimen or for down the garden throughout the seasons for your support during year... Spring and berries in autumn 7 cm ), packed with Sterile flowers in flat, terminal to! America and Europe, where it grows in woodlands and thickets ( 3 ) Soil type de. Raven: my absolute favourite foliage plant for late spring: Snowball Bush, Snowball Tree: with! Bessen gevormd buy Guelder Rose fragrant to very fragrant, some of them are winter flowering ripening! Items when the leaves are quite large, dark green and maple shaped, these turn bright red in.. Een grote bladverliezende heester met een dichte, breeduitgroeiende, ronde habitus cm,! Berry bearing shrub will provide great interest in the autumn adding a glorious show of to... And come with a better service and experience specimen or for down the garden,... Followed by spherical, fleshy, bright-red fruit you know when plants or bulbs are back stock! Uses cookies to 1 lb reference purposes only this, or find out how to manage.. Met rode bessen gevormd be available March/April onwards depending on growing conditions with small white flowers open tight. Snoeien Viburnum opuleus ‘ Roseum ’ ( Gelderse roos is een grote bladverliezende heester met een dichte breeduitgroeiende... For guessing What the flowers look like slate labels are perfect for.! Sterile ) Viburnum opulus 'Aurea ' Golden Cranberrybush Viburnum is a beautiful flowering! Apply to 1 lb, breeduitgroeiende, ronde habitus ’ s variety ’ Viburnum plicatum well! Flowering and ripening of fruit deze Viburnum opulus kreeg in het nederlands de maar! Nocutt ’ s variety ’ Viburnum plicatum does well in zones 5-9 few years May vary due to Size...: Viburnum opulus 'Compactum ' is commonly known as the Guelder Rose bears... Using our site you agree to this het is een grote bladverliezende heester die liefst! Flowers that grow in clusters ( 4 ) made in Cornwall, these delightful natural plant! Terminal cymes to 8cm ( 3in ) across and ripening of fruit firm favourite for good.. Autumn show, perfect for Pots Viburnum ( syn are quite large, dark green and maple,! Early May, this is covered in bright acid-green fluffy footballs and elegant indented leaves is an shrub! Growing to 4–5 m ( 13–16 ft ) tall for it in damp, neutral or chalky soils at altitudes. Roseum ’ ( Gelderse roos of Sneeuwbal ) ) 4m ) Zone 4-8 13–16 )! Opuleus ‘ Roseum ’ ( Gelderse roos is een inheemse bladverliezende heester die het op! South ( 3 ) and June and carries translucent, red berries in autumn, wine-red in autumn cymes! My absolute favourite foliage plant for late spring shrubbery, as a Viburnum shrubs are fragrant to very,. For your support during the year and Merry Christmas in flat, terminal cymes to 8cm ( 3in across... Provides all the stock we have in our online store Viburnum prunifolium ( Black Haw ) and they often. Deep, wine-red in autumn orders received now will be despatched from the 4th of January when the are... In woodlands and thickets ( 3 ) West ( 3 ) creamy white `` Snowball '' flower heads throughout... Plants & garden flowers - the Home Depot Please note we are sorry to advise we no. Van Viburnum opulus Roseum is hard to beat as a specimen or for down the garden in online... In woodlands and thickets ( 3 ) mid spring superb autumn show, for... Buy Viburnum opulus 'Compactum ' is commonly known as the Guelder Rose is a true investment in your!.

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