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Live like a Knoxville local whenever, wherever, Outdoor destinations + local stories & exclusive outdoor events. Obed has approximately 20 miles of trails. “Really, the possibilities are limitless,” he says. You must keep a copy on you while in the backcountry. Clear Creek and Daddy’s Creek are tributaries of the river and are included in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Program. While meagerly populated due to poor farming soil, the river was a hospitable fishing and hunting area for trappers and pioneers. Does anyone have any first hand experience of staying at the campground or observing from this location? Straight down genesis Rd 17.1 miles off exit 320 on I-40. Located in the heart of the Obed, the Lilly Pad Campground offers a camping experience unlike any other—with plenty of tent sites, an onsite brewery, a general store, and an unbelievably friendly and communal atmosphere. Visitors interested in a short, easy walk will enjoy the hike to Lilly Bluff Overlook or the self-guided Emory River Nature Trail. If you’re not, you’re probably not what we’re looking for.”. Clear View Retreat is a family retreat ministry. Cottonmouths are common. Site Directions: The Obed Wild and Scenic River Visitor Center is located at 208 North Maiden Street in downtown Wartburg, Tennessee. The Lilly Pad hosts an ever-changing crew of friendly folks from every walk and corner. “You know, you go climbing or camping in a lot of places, and you never even get to meet the people next to you, right?” Del says. The trail is primarily used for hiking, rock climbing, camping, and nature trips and is best used from March until September. “There wasn’t really a business plan or an idea to have a campground,” Del says. Now, Del and Marte’s Lilly Pad is a bastion of Tennessee climbing. Obed Wild & Scenic River: Nature at it’s best - See 43 traveler reviews, 41 candid photos, and great deals for Wartburg, TN, at Tripadvisor. Weather will be warm there, though fall colors in October might be hit or miss since it is so far south. Managed by the Army Corp of Engineers and adjacent to Sunset Marina & Resort, the Obey River Campground, located just off Highway 111, boasts 130 sites with picnic area, beach, playground, tennis courts, boat rentals and much more! I'm looking at the map and think that a few more hours drive west will put me into darker skies of the mark twain national forest which appears darker than either of the two places talked mentioned up to now. “The campground’s dog-friendly,” Del says. There are no fees for the backcountry camping … Not been there yet for observing. Here, climbers can get water from the garden spigot, watch football on game days, and wait out bad weather with card games and snacks. Camping Obey River Park Campground features 131 campsites and two large group picnic shelters. But keep in mind that the waters are rough, the rocks are sharp, and only seasoned whitewater paddlers should attempt paddling here. 4. 6. She ran across the Obed Wild & Scenic River Recreational Area in Tennessee on the IDA site looking for a place that can accommodate both our interests. Turn here and bear left at the fork. The rock here is composed of hard, colorful sandstone and there are plenty of roofs, jugs, and slopers. The Obed River originates near Crossville, Tennessee and flows to the mouth of the Emory River. From the East, take State Route 62 West, then veer to the right onto State Route 27. I am planning a trip to Tennessee in September and would like to see if I could get some information on camping. Campers can gather by the perma-tarp for campfires. The site is conveniently located next to a small community hosting restaurants, history and several marinas. MTNF is an option though it generally gets more precipitation in the fall than either of the other two locations from the climate data I'm finding. A swimming beach, basketball court and playgrounds provide additional recreational opportunities. We stayed at Fairfield Glade and it took us a good hour to get there with other stops along the way for hiking and pictures. The campground has grills and … “Specifically Kelly Brown—the author of the new Obed guidebook—was like, ‘Hey man, you think it’s okay if I just stay here instead of driving back to town?’” Del says. When you're tired from having fun all day, you get the calming sound of the OBED … Andrew, It is close to St. Louis. The Obed National River (or Catoosa region to the locals) is a beautiful, secluded natural area. Electric hookups, drinking water, flush toilets and a dump station all create a comfortable camping experience. Camping in the backcountry is limited to 14 consecutive days. Reservations may be made by calling 1-877-444-6777 or going online at recreation.gov. Obed and Land Between the Lakes will stay warmer longer into the fall vs. the Mark Twain National Forest, though all three are considerably milder than NE Ohio on average. Once you get past mid-October, though, all three have considerably better odds vs. NE Ohio. “So we have two nice little shelters where people come together and get to drink beer and tell stories.”. Del grows his own hops and has been home-brewing for years, but now he’s in the process of establishing a nano-brewery on site. Rock Creek Campground, located adjacent to the Nemo area of Obed Wild and Scenic River, offers 11 campsites. Can also be quite hard at higher levels. Previous page; 1 - 6 of 12; Next page; Hosted by Kim Nestle Ask a question. Member Since 2016. But when the couple’s friends realized the new property sat in the middle of one of Tennessee’s rock climbing meccas, they didn’t wait long to start staking tents. Obed Wild & Scenic River Camping: Campendium has 2 reviews of 1 Campgrounds in Obed Wild & Scenic River. Veterans/First Responders overnight rafting and camping trip was a huge success. About Kim Nestle. Watch out for snakes there. There are 70 places to stay spread out along the property, where you’ll find cooking tables, a general store, and the always-amazing communal fire pit. The campground provides the largest camping area at the lake, as well as the largest and most visited swimming beach. La Costa 8.9 mi. There are several acres of primitive sites in a wooded setting along the outskirts of the Obed Wild and Scenic River.The national park is within walking distance and hosts some of the most beautiful scenery, amazing rock climbing, and challenging kayaking in East Tennessee. The Obed Wild and Scenic River looks much the same today as it did when the first white settlers strolled its banks in the late 1700s. We are just a 15 min hike to some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the Obed river. History DSLR, Mirrorless & General-Purpose Digital Camera DSO Imaging, Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to: Cloudy Nights, This is not recommended for shared computers, Reviving my old SBIG ST2000xm, CFW-10, and AO-8, Original Vixen SXW with Starbook and Astrophotography, Mars - December 28 - A decent late season image. Light pollution map shows it is a bit less dark than north central PA and central WV. Phil - I live in NE Ohio (as you know), cold weather doesn't scare me off  If I do Obed or LBtL it would be in October as climate data shows this as the driest month of the year for this area. Obed Wild & Scenic River, Wartburg, TN. Electric hookups, drinking water, flush toilets and a dump station all create a comfortable camping experience. A permit can be obtained at the Obed Visitor Center or you may fill out your permit at the bottom of this page and submit it before your trip. Was there many years ago on a kayaking trip. “And then it was like, ‘Hey, I’m a friend of Kelly’s, and he said maybe it’d be okay if I stayed here?’ And then it was like, ‘Hey, I’m a friend of a friend of Kelly’s’ and ‘Hey, I’ve heard that there was a climber campground here?’ So around 2000, we realized that it had organically just altered itself. Sport routes within the park vary in difficulty from 5.7 to 5.14, with routes on the easier end of this range still being quite difficult for the average non-climber and with only a handful of individuals being capable of even attempting routes graded 5.14. " Deer Creek Golf Club 15.5 mi. The region is pretty. Lots of trees and rugged terrain. “I didn’t want fire pits all over the property,” Del says. I hope someone can share their knowledge of this location. Obey River Campground features 131 campsites. Most climbers that come to the Obed are drawn by the park's approximately 350 "sport" or permanently-bolted routes. It's only an hour and a half away from downtown Knoxville, and there are about 1,000 different routes leading up these beautiful sandstone cliff bands. Make a left onto Kingston Street, and follow the brown Obed road signs to the Visitor Center on North Maiden Street. © 2020 RootsRated, Inc. All rights reserved. Frozen Head State Park 15.9 mi. Have you observed from this area? ON DALE HOLLOW LAKE! “We’re very, very rural, so we don’t have very good fire protection out where we are. Bordered by Parts of the National park and Catoosa Wildlife Management. But our kids were always exposed to folks from all over the planet, really.”, Del doesn’t do much climbing these days—his heart is in the Lilly Pad. And we found out also that that brought people together.”. Past that there is no camping because you are no longer in OBED, you are in the Catoosa Wildlife management which does not allow camping. At the front of the property is a log-and-tin lean-to—nicknamed the “perma-tarp” in honor of its tarpaulin predecessor—over a large fire pit. If hauling the big scope, I would definitely make sure I have identified a field to set up in ahead of time due to the fact that the area is heavily wooded. Larry Boudon. For a challenge, hike or backpack down the Cumberland Trail. Birdwatching, water sports, and endless trails will keep you busy all day, but Obed offers more than just daytime fun. Obed Wild and Scenic River; Lone Mountain State Forest; Cumberland Trail State Park; Catoosa Wildlife Management Area ; Big South Fork National River and Recreational Area; Historic Rugby; Close; Camping. Red's Ale House 8.7 mi. “I guess if I would go out of town I would climb again, but when I’m at the crag, it just seems like there’s always something to do back at the campground,” he says. So, the wife is looking for a place to take our travel trailer where she can paddle her kayak and I can observer. The Obed is easily one of the best, most diverse climbing destinations in the southeast—especially for sport climbing, but there's also great bouldering. At the top is the Lilly Overlook Parking area. Most of my dark site observing happens on camping, hunting, and kayaking trips. She ran across the Obed Wild & Scenic River Recreational Area in Tennessee on the IDA site looking for a place that can accommodate both our interests. “In a while, folks come together and start talking to each other without being awkward about it, you know?” he says. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Bordered by Parts of the National park and Catoosa Wildlife Management. MTNF's advantage is cloud climatology vs. the other two, particularly in winter. The Obed provides habitat for several threatened and endangered fish and 13 species of crayfish. This is a vacation destination for camping, boating, skiing, fishing and beach-goers. A few minutes’ walk or drive from the Obed’s seven crags, the Scruggs property offers 40 acres of primitive camping at $5 a person per night. Clear Skies. So if I built a building to make beer, then my idea was—I better be legal.”. Just before this drop there is a mailbox and a gravel drive to the right. From lancing head west on 62 for three miles after crossing the obvious railroad crossing. The area is known for having a lot of variety of water for different experience levels and for much of the water to be available all summer long. She ran across the Obed Wild & Scenic River Recreational Area in Tennessee on the IDA site looking for a place that can accommodate both our interests. When camping at Obed Wild and Scenic River, you can’t be far from the water for long. St. Francis is a pretty whitewater river, but is very rain dependant. The campsite is located within hiking distance of quality rock climbing, and its a great spot to camp and then go for a morning trail run. The road will drop down and cross Lilly Bridge and then turn steeply back up hill. Turn left onto ridge road and follow for four miles. An interpretive brochure is available at the trailhead. Not everyone at the Lilly Pad climbs—kayakers and other nature lovers also set up camp. You currently have javascript disabled. Beer is a big part of life at the Lilly Pad. Philadelphia's December Bucket List: 10 Must-Do Adventures Before 2016, 7 Ways to Get Outside in Atlanta This Fall, 6 Spectacular Waterfall Hikes in Shenandoah National Park. It just took off on its own.”. Amazing views about an hour from Knoxville, TN and two hours from Nashville. I've searched for other threads involving camping, but they all seem to be about camping in the GSNMP and I really don't want to do that. I am also interested in this as a possible camping and observing site. A $10 per night fee is charged. Never been there to observe. Clear Creek is a creek in Clarkrange, TN in Obed Wild and Scenic River, Catoosa Wildlife Management Area. Ozone Falls State Natural Area 14.9 mi. Test your … So I wanted to keep the fire concentrated in one spot. Frozen Head State Park and Natural Area; Obed Wild and Scenic River; Catoosa Wildlife Management Area; Big South Fork National River and Recreational Area; Close; Hunting. For directions and other relevant beta about Del and Marte's Lilly Pad Campground, check out our destination review. We are located just 15 mins from Lilly Bluff overlook and 25 Mins to either Crossville Tn or Wartburg Tn. “We live there sometimes, and then we live in the log cabin sometimes—but you know, we don’t have a big house. So, the wife is looking for a place to take our travel trailer where she can paddle her kayak and I can observe. As you drive into the Obed, after passing Doc Howard Road on the left, Ridge Road drops steeply down to the Lilly Bridge. Camping is available … 2. Cumberland Trail: Obed Wild and Scenic River Segment is a 12.5 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Lancing, Tennessee that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. Today, the Obed stretches along the Cumberland Plateau and offers visitors a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities. With perfect whitewater streams, whitewater paddling is what attracts most outdoor enthusiasts here. Regardless of the time of year, every season offers its own special rewards to those who take the time to explore the Obed Wild and Scenic River on foot. Edited by rhetfield, 11 September 2020 - 02:43 PM. 9.3K likes. Ozarks is a bit different terrain than the Appellations. Unfamiliar with that, but have you looked into Land Between the Lakes? What about timing? “It got to where I never had any beer because everybody liked my beer,” he says. There’s a second, newer fire pit at the back of the campground too. But one can park at the Nemo picnic area, walk across the bridge, and then into the camp ground. If it's just a stroll you're after, head to the Emory River Nature Trail. Rocky. Several functions may not work. The park's designation as an International Dark Sky Park means it's a great place to check … Obed Wild & Scenic River: Amazing Park - See 43 traveler reviews, 41 candid photos, and great deals for Wartburg, TN, at Tripadvisor. There are also tables for cooking, a corn hole court, a rainy-day cooking area, and an honor-system “general store” stocked with guidebooks and other essentials. Obed Wild & Scenic River: Obed Wild & Scenic River - See 43 traveler reviews, 41 candid photos, and great deals for Wartburg, TN, at Tripadvisor. “And so I can’t wait to get back there. Edited by andreww71, 08 September 2020 - 04:33 PM. We are located just 15 minutes from Lilly Bluff overlook and 25 minutes to either Crossville Tn or Wartburg Tn. It appears to be VERY dark on the light pollution maps. Campground is currently closed. That’s what makes my foot start tapping.”. Camping rules and the pay kiosk are on the left (the fee is $5 per person, per night). Obed Wild & Scenic River 10.5 mi. Camping at Obed Wild and Scenic River. “Wartburg here is a great community, but there’s not a lot of diversity. We are in a very remote location so If you are looking for a time out from life you have found it. Maybe someone in the MTNF area can report on the observing there? Our living room is the campground and our outside.”. A campfire is just the way to melt the ice. Three of these are Del and Marte’s—Tipsy, Del’s canine shadow; Monster, often found dropping sticks onto unsuspecting climbers from the perma-tarp roof; and the aptly named Big, the self-appointed coyote alarm. Obed WSR offers visitors a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities in an environment looking... Jump to. Does anyone have any first hand experience of staying at the campground or observing from this location? View a map of this area and more on Natural Atlas. Can't remember camping specifically other than that the organizer had multiple flavors of leg of lamb for us since it was Easter weekend. RV Camping and Observing at Obed Wild & Scenic River, TN - posted in General Observing and Astronomy: So, the wife is looking for a place to take our travel trailer where she can paddle her kayak and I can observer. Hike the trails of the Cumberland Plateau for stunning vistas any time of year. We are located Just inside Morgan county Tn. Near Obed’s sandstone cliffs, this quirky campground offers a glamping experience based on community, good people, and good times. It is remote. Lilly Pad Campground Trails from the brewery lead to the Lilly Pad Campground. Del just finished the first round of government paperwork, and once the rest is finished, Lilly Pad campers will be able to buy his brews in growlers and pints. If you make use of this incredible resource please leave the area nicer than you found it and be considerate: The Scruggs live right amongst the "campsites" … Been there for hiking and kayaking. I have not but will. 3. Campground at the St. Francis might fit that bill, but may not be as dark. April 19, 2020. “So I built a building. The hops garden sits beside a small house on the road into the campground. Read more. Access to this trail is tricky right now because the trail head is in a camp ground that is closed. The Lilly boulders are located just outside of Lancing, TN. “It pretty much just happened.”. If I get there during peak fall foliage that's a bonus. “It’s just basically what I say about people—if your dog’s nice, and you’re nice, you’re more than welcome. Climbers camp wherever they can stake a tent or hang a hammock, but Del estimates that there are around 70 carved-out campsites. The fire shelters are where strangers become friends. Sometimes Del and Marte live here, and sometimes they don’t. We only saw a few other hikers all day - When Del and Marte Scruggs bought Obed land in 1997, they didn’t know they’d soon share a home with hundreds of dirty climbers and their dogs. “We bounce around from house to house,” he says. The Obed Wild and Scenic River offers many recreational opportunities. Obey River Park is a spacious campground located on the shores of Dale Hollow Lake, in the hills of Tennessee. There's a spot in the Mark Twain National Forest called Echo Bluff State Park between Eminence and Salem, MO. 5. “We’ve always said that our kids were pretty much raised by people from all over the world,” Del says. On any given day, there’s bound to be a jubilant gaggle of dogs at the campground.

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